N2 is an advanced software only publishing solution that lets anyone quickly and inexpensively publish and co-brand content electronically. Create playlists for our network ready N2 Player that combines 25 types of digital media. Link playlists together and charge sponsors to show an ad with your content. Combine your digital media with our 10-Step Wizard and then publish your presentation on a network, as an EXE file, on CD, or at your website.

Publisher description

N2 is an advanced 'software only' publishing solution that makes any PC run like a television set - with full-screen media and CD quality sound. It lets anyone create and publish digital media presentations on CD or DVD, on a network, or as an EXE that can be emailed or posted.
Our FREE authoring tool, N2 Creator, is the fastest and easiest software-publishing tool available on earth! Its lets you integrate paying sponsors, electronic co-branding partners, synchronized information, four types of publishing, and multi-lingual support - all in a single 10-Step Wizard (each step is optional).
The N2 Player runtime is like a 'Digital Media Engine'. It can play 25 types of files in a playlist! It's a 'Network Ready' player that will run off of a shared drive without installation! Just upload a copy of your presentation to your network drive, and email the N2 attachment link to employees or customers.
Create playlists that combine 25 types of digital media. MAKE MONEY by charging a sponsor to show a slideshow, a thumbnail catalog, a video, or even a flash presentation before customers see your content! Easily import presentations created by co-branding partners, link in their playlists, and then publish their digital media to your customers. Save your customers money by co-branding content of other related businesses with links to their product and service discounts.
Your presentation's content can be as simple as a link to a product discount, a slideshow with synchronized text, or your latest video or audio recording. You can build a customer base quickly by co-branding your content with other businesses that have exclusive links to discounts on your product and services.

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